New & Improved Version 3 (2019 Model)!

Please note that we are working on updating this website with the latest pictures and videos of the improved Step ‘N Tilt™ lawn aerator version 3.  In the meantime, this website may show pictures of the previous version, namely, the Step ‘N Tilt™ lawn aerator version 2.  Compared to version 2, version 3 has a taller handle to accommodate taller users, has more clog-resistant tines, and is easier to assemble.

The Step ‘N Tilt™ lawn aerator is very effective at alleviating soil compaction problems.  This patented lawn aerator (U.S. Patent No. 8,714,275) makes core aeration easy and enjoyable for do-it-yourselfers (DIYs) and professional landscapers.  Simply step on the platform to insert aerator tines into the ground and tilt the handle bar back to remove the tines from the ground – it’s that effortless and easy!  Watch our customer service specialist Jenny Wong’s video below (she is 5’1″ tall and weighs 103 lbs): 

Step-on-Lawn-Aerator   Tilt-Lawn-Aerator-Back  Four-tine-Aerator-front-side-view

The Step ‘N Tilt™ lawn aerator is a true core aerator, not a spike aerator.  Its aerator tines are specially engineered to be clog-free and hardened for extra durability. Core aeration is a proven lawn aeration method and the only one recommended by lawn experts and university extension services worldwide. Its highly engineered hollow core aerator tines are very effective at extracting soil cores while creating 3.4” deep, 0.75” diameter holes in the ground.  The replaceable and recyclable carbon steel aerator tines are case-hardened for extra durability.  Four tines are included in each unit.  Four tines may be used in areas with strong grass root and soft soil for increased aeration speed.  Two tines are recommended in bare spots and hard soil.

Step-N-Tilt-Core-Lawn-Aerator   Step-N-Tilt-Lawn-Aerator-Soil_Core_Container  Soil-level-uneven with-driveway

Note: The soil core container in the video above is an optional accessory. The container allows you to collect the cores for disposal into compost pile, flower beds, flower pots, or low spots in your yard.  You may use the container to collect soil cores from high areas of your yard and dispose the cores in low areas to gradually improve the grade or drainage of your yard.  If you leave the soil cores in your yard, they will disintegrate back into the soil within about two weeks.


The Step ‘N Tilt™ lawn aerator is especially suited for renovating small high traffic areas or dried spots prior to overseeding.  If you need to renovate some small troubled areas only, why hire a commercial aeration service or rent a big motorized machine?  The cost of the Step ‘N Tilt™ is typically equal to the cost of renting a lawn aeration machine.  Since lawn aeration is a routine lawn maintenance, the Step ‘N Tilt will save you money for many years to come.

We recommend using the Step ‘N Tilt™ even if you are currently hiring a commercial lawn aeration service, renting a core aerator, or using the Aeroller lawn aerator atttachment.  The Step ‘N Tilt™ can be used near solid objects such as curbs and driveways where motorized aerators cannot reach.  Commercial lawn aeration services do not aerate areas near obstacles to avoid damaging their equipment, resulting in uneven aeration density. The Step ‘N Tilt™ is ideally suited to the aerate areas that are missed by motorized aerators to achieve a more uniform aeration, so your yard will look uniform and healthy!

The aerated soil help new seeds take root.  The seeds that fall inside the aeration holes will be in direct contact with soil, not eaten by birds, not washed away by rain (especially at slopes), and stay moist longer, which greatly improves germination rate.

Note: Lawn Aeration should be performed when the soil is moist only, preferably, a day after one-inch of rain or irrigation. The soil should be moist but not too wet or muddy. The tines may clog if the soil is too wet. If the ground is too dry, it is difficult to insert the aerator tines into the ground.

What is so special about the Step ‘N Tilt Lawn Aerator?

Basic core aerators

It is said that ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention.’ The Step ‘N Tilt™ was certainly born out of necessity. The designer of Step ‘N Tilt™, an avid lawn enthusiast, has purchased and used many basic manual core aerators (see picture on the right). While some work better than others in extracting soil cores, they all share a common problem: they are exhausting to use and can aggravate or even cause shoulder and back pain. These basic lawn aerators require the operator to step down on a metal strip and pull the aerator straight up. In order to pull the aerator up, you have to overcome the sticky clay soil in addition to the weight of the aerator. If you have ever tried to pull a shovel vertically up from the ground, you will know how difficult it is to overcome the resistance of sticky clay soil. A typical aeration requires several hundred holes, so this repetition can become exhausting and back-breaking very quickly. Determined to find a solution, he continued his search for a better lawn aerator. He purchased a new aerator every time he came across a new design.

Lawn Aerator with Springs

A Slightly Improved Design: He came across a novel design in England.  The designer/inventor in England realized that the pulling action can be hard on our shoulders and backs. The English designer also realized that our feet is much stronger than our hands, and the difficult part about lawn aeration is the action of pulling the aerator up. This novel design consists of springs to assist the motion of pulling the aerator up (see the picture on the left). While this is an improvement, the springs cause the stepping down action to be more difficult because we now have to overcome the force of the springs in addition to the resistance of the soil. The design also incorporates a soil core container for homeowners who would prefer to collect the soil cores.

The Step ‘N Tilt™ Design: We believe our lawn aerator design is an improvement over the English design. We make use of an engineering principle known as “mechanical advantage” or “leverage.” A small tilting force applied at the handle bar will translate into a large pulling force at the tines. In layman terms, a light tilt of the handle bar is all that is needed to pull the aerator tines up (see the pictures below). The tilting motion is much more natural and effortless than pulling motion, and you do not have to lift the weight of the aerator.  We have made the soil core container an optional accessory which may be emptied easily. With the improvements, an operator is now able to use the Step ‘N Tilt™ lawn aerator for prolonged periods of time with ease. To further improve operator stability and comfort, we have made the stepping platform much larger than any other aerator. All these improvements allow for a very natural movement and good posture, so you can perform aeration for longer time comfortably and more quickly than any other manual aerator.

Our research did not stop here; we spent considerable effort to develop the optimal aerator tine design and construction. We tested a number of shapes and wall thicknesses in a design of experiment to statistically determine the best aerator tine that is least prone to clogging and most effective at cutting through sod. Every one of our steel tine is made to this precise geometry and then case hardened and tempered to improve durability. And, we realize that no matter how durable the tines are they will eventually have to be replaced. So, we have made the tines easily replaceable. The tines are made of 100% recyclable steel. Most other aerators do not have replaceable tines so the entire aerator has to be discarded when the tines are worn or damaged.


The Sod Plugger and container in the picture on the left is an optional accessory that allows you to transplant grass from healthy areas to donate to other areas.  It works well with “creeping” grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and Buffalo.


As an added bonus, it is also a very capable handtruck for moving fertilizers, top soil, or just about anything around the yard.  The Step ‘N Tilt aerator is very durable.  It is made for people who like to own high quality tools that last.  Since its tines are replaceable, it is likely to be the last manual aerator you will ever buy. We are so confident that you will fall in love with the Step ‘N Tilt™ aerator that we offer 120-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide to return it, we will refund the entire purchase price including the original shipping charge. In addition, it comes with one-year parts and labor warranty.

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