About Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration should be performed when the soil is moist only, preferably, a day after one-inch of rain or irrigation. The soil should be moist but not too wet or muddy. The tines may clog if the soil is too wet. If the ground is too dry, it is difficult to insert the aerator tines into the ground.

Core aeration is the most effective and the only lawn aeration method recommended by lawn experts and university extension services worldwide. Core aeration is performed by inserting hollow steel tubings into the ground to extract soil cores and leave holes in the ground to allow for vital water, air, and necessary nutrients such as fertilizers to reach the grass roots. Well aerated soils promote healthy roots that are vital to the overall lawn health, especially the grass’s survival during extreme weather conditions. Core aeration should be part your routine lawn maintenance program.

Soil is the only medium that provides water and nutrients to the grass. The condition of the soil, therefore, is the single most important factor that determines the health of your lawn. Dry and compacted soil will choke the grass, while moist and well aerated soil will nourish the grass with necessary nutrients in order for it to look vibrant and be healthy enough to fend of weeds and diseases. Soil compaction is the leading cause of lawn problems and diseases, especially in areas with heavy clay soil. Compacted soil not only chokes the grass of water and necessary nutrients at the roots, it impedes roots growth resulting in many common lawn problems including poor growth, diseases, weeds infestation, poor drought resistance, and significant thatch build-up.

The video above shows core aeration using a motorized aerator.

Core aeration may be perform using a manual aerator such as the Step ‘N Tilt or a motorized aerator such as the Aeroller. Although the Step ‘N Tilt is better suited to aerate larger yards than other manual aerators because it is faster and easier to use, it is still slower than a motorized aerator. Manual aerators can be used near obstacles such as concrete driveways so they complement motorized aerators very well. Manual aerators are especially suited for aerating smaller yards or renovating dried, trouble, or high foot traffic areas prior to overseeding.

The aerated soil will promote germination and new seeds will quickly take root in the freshly aerated soil.

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